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Get Younger Looking Skin without Surgery

Get Younger Looking Skin without Surgery

As we age, the effects of aging on our skin are inevitable. Studies have shown that, despite popular opinion, women do not age faster than men, but their skin does, while men age faster internally and have younger looking skin longer. Keeping up the youthful appearance of your skin is quite possible through maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, and drinking water. For those who want instant and longer lasting results, the best process to undergo is anti-aging treatment.

Cosmetic surgery versus laser resurfacing

Many people have negative views concerning face lifts and cosmetic surgery, and with good reason. The side effects of plastic surgery vary from patient to patient and it doesn't always give good results. Recuperative time can take anywhere from weeks to months and the overall success of the surgery cannot be determined until the treated area is completely healed. Besides that, cosmetic surgery is not safe for everyone and can lead to other health issues later on.

The high cost is another factor to consider as well. Statistics show that in 2013, the average price for a face lift in the U.S. cost $6,675. There are also the fees for prescription medication (antibiotics for possible infections) and painkillers to consider.

Laser Treatment

Laser skin resurfacing

On the other hand, there are two laser procedures that serve as typical face lift alternatives. Laser peel, or lasabrasion, is a virtually pain free and swift method for beautifying your skin and removing signs of aging. The laser method is swiftly taking over conventional surgical procedures because it gives fast results, heals swiftly, requires less prescription medication, and causes little to no bleeding. Patients who undergo laser surgery have a swifter recovery time with nearly 100% positive results. Laser vaporization rids the face of minor flaws by lifting off dead skin layer by layer. The basic cost for this process ranges from $1,113 to $2,222, which is by far less expensive than conventional surgery.

CO2RE Skin Resurfacing

This is the highly effective CO2 system that allows your surgeon to perform both surface and deep dermal treatment by precisely targeting problem areas. Compared with traditional methods, this system is lighter and faster, and allows the physician to eliminate minor facial lesions and dermal excisions. It removes age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, repairs sun damaged skin, and improves skin tone and texture. CO2RE implements six different treatment modes that cater to all skin types and dermal problems. The six modes include four fractional ablative treatment modes which are light, middle, deep, and fusion. These describe the various levels of treatment.

Get younger skin without surgery.

Is laser treatment right for you?

The two factors that determine whether laser treatment is a good option are the cost and your health. Since cosmetic surgical procedures are considered elective surgery, most insurance companies don’t cover the cost, but since laser is less expensive than conventional surgery, you should be able to work out a payment plan. If you have active acne, very dark skin, or deep wrinkles, this may not be the right treatment for you. Ask your doctor which treatment is best for you.