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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Season

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Season

With warmer weather comes an increased desire to look our best. Along with diet and exercise there are also a few other steps you can take to make sure you look your absolute best this bikini season. Laser hair removal for the bikini area is one way to make sure you look great and feel confident this summer. So what makes it so great? Here are a handful of reasons we'd swear by laser hair removal this bikini season:

Things to Consider

The success of laser hair removal depends on factors such as skin color, hair color and the density of the hair. Our expert practitioners can evaluate these factors and choose the best laser system for each individual client. You should remember that laser hair removal in the bikini area is relatively permanent after about five sessions. Most people will also see a reduction in the number of ingrown hairs.

What About Razor Bumps?

Many people wonder if they will experience the same kind of side effects from laser hair removal as they do from shaving or waxing. Razor bumps are a very uncomfortable side effect of shaving the bikini area. Razor bumps, or the more serious condition known as folliculitis (infection and inflammation of the hair follicles), can be greatly reduced or entirely done away with by using laser hair removal. This type of hair removal greatly reduces or entirely eliminates hair growth and usually stops or diminishes the occurrence of folliculitis.

How Hair Grows

Other Benefits

Additional benefits of laser hair removal in the bikini area is that it can stop subsequent skin darkening. In some cases laser hair removal is also beneficial in reducing to persistent skin redness caused by past folliculitis. Another benefit is the decreasing of hyper-pigmentation. Patients greatly appreciate these additional benefits. In order to truly enjoy your summer you want a bikini area that is free of irritation, discoloration and unwanted hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Really the Best Option?

There are many methods of hair removal that have been used throughout the years. There are creams and waxes as well as old fashioned shaving. However, these methods are at best temporary and at worst inconvenient, painful and even dangerous. Bikini hair removal is so effective because it actually reduces the recurrence of future hair growth. The hair is not simply removed, but rather the hair follicle is disabled so that there is no whisker or future hair growth.

If you have worked hard to get your body in its best shape for summer, you are ready to show off your bikini. A unpleasant bikini area, however, can put a real damper on this. To get your entire body bikini-ready, call and make your appointment today.