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Tate MediSpa - Check out our line of Glo Minerals Makeup

Tate MediSpa - Check out our line of Glo Minerals Makeup

At Tate Medispa, our focus is on making our clients look and feel their best. We do this by utilizing a variety of different methods that are carefully screened to ensure that they meet our exact standards. After all, we would not want to use just any products or methods on our own skin and we extend that same care to our clientele as well. Glo Minerals Makeup is a skin care line of exquisite makeup that upholds all that is important to us while giving you outstanding results. 

About Glo Minerals Makeup

Grounded in the ethics and values that make sense for your skin and the well-being of the world, Glo Minerals Makeup takes its stand on being the very best right from the start. Never tested on animals, this makeup line also strives to ensure that its raw materials are not animal tested as well. Formulated from an extensive spectrum of mineral tints, Glo Minerals Makeup provides coverage that is unsurpassed for skin of all types. Due to the lack of talc, perfume, oils and nanoparticles, this line of makeup is ideal for everyone, even those who have extremely sensitive skin -- such as those skin types that are prone to rosacea and acne. 

Glo Minerals Products at Tate Medispa

Use Glo Minerals Makeup in Conjunction With Our Services

Glo Minerals makeup is the preferred makeup line of Tate Medispa because it was formulated with our services in mind. Because this makeup was manufactured to allow the skin to breathe, we find it a particularly useful aid in protecting the skin of our clients after they have undergone one of our beautifying techniques. Whether you have visited Tate Medispa for a peel, facial or other medical spa treatment, Glo Minerals infuses your skin with its unique blend of ingredients, including minerals that are triple milled and an antioxidant blend of green tea extract and Vitamins such as A, C and E. All of the makeup products included in the Glo Minerals line also provide a superior level of SPF protection against broad spectrum UVB and UVA rays as well as free radicals. 

Visit Tate Medispa to Purchase Glo Minerals Makeup

With an extensive line of paraben-free makeup including primers, finishers, concealers and correctors, Glo Minerals also offers base and blush as well as lip and eye products. Come visit Tate Medispa and discover our vast selection of Glo Minerals makeup. Used in conjunction with our high-quality services, Glo Minerals Makeup is guaranteed to make you look and feel your very best.