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Dermaplaning is a Simple Way to Get Smooth, Glowing Skin

Dermaplaning is a Simple Way to Get Smooth, Glowing Skin

Have you ever heard of dermaplaning? This is one of the most basic skin treatment procedures, but it can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. To learn more about what dermaplaning is and how we use it at Tate MediSpa, read on!


Demaplaning sounds like a complex treatment, but it's actually very simple and can be accomplished quite quickly. Don't confuse this with other skin treatment options such as dermabrasion. We won't be sanding down your skin with this procedure.

Instead, think of dermaplaning like a shave, except one that goes a bit deeper than the average shave. During the treatment, the doctor takes a specially designed scalpel and carefully strokes the surface of the skin in light, feathering movements. Now and then the excess dead skin will be wiped away, and the procedure will go on until the area is fully treated. Recovery is simple and you might not even feel any discomfort.

Advantages to Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is useful for treating a variety of conditions in various circumstances. Some of the advantages of dermaplaning include: 

  • Treating rough or dry skin: Dermaplaning excels at removing rough skin patches with minimal treatments and easy recovery.
  • Hyper-pigmentation fixes: If hyper-pigmentation is close to the surface of the skin, then dermaplaning can remove it or lessen its appearance.
  • Treating mild acne scaring: General dermaplaning is known for providing a smooth, glowing look to the skin. It can help remove mild acne scarring in many situations, as well as dealing with fine lines or other skin damage.
  • Follicle treatment: Dermaplaning will not remove follicles altogether, but it will remove those fine, light hairs along your skin that might be annoying you or getting in the way of an absolutely perfect, smooth skin feel. Also, these tiny hairs can act as traps for dead skin cells and dust, so you might be surprised at the difference it makes to have them gone. Yes, your hair will grow back, but don't worry! It won't be longer, thicker or darker than before.
  • Treatments are OK while pregnant: Peeling agents contain powerful chemicals, which can make their way into the bloodstream. For this reason, peels are not recommended for pregnant women. However, dermaplaning is a completely safe alternative that can remove many minor skin flaws without greatly increased recovery time and without any danger from chemicals.
  • Works great in combination with lotions: When the first layer of skin cells is removed, various skin products can penetrate the skin more easily. This is great for both moisturizing and restoring skin, and for preparation for more complex skin treatments and surgeries.

Dermaplaning Can Help Remove Mild Acne Scarring

Risks of Dermaplaning

Because dermaplaning is such a simple procedure, there are very few risks involved. Your skill will be cleaned and dried prior to the procedure, and protected with moisturizer and sunscreen afterward. There is a small chance of accidental cuts or nicks during the procedure, but this is very rare with a skilled doctor at a qualified medical spa.

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