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Get Botox and Say Goodbye to Wrinkles this Holiday Season

Get Botox and Say Goodbye to Wrinkles this Holiday Season

Looking for effective skin treatment for skin wrinkles and fine lines? Modern Botox treatments from Tate MediSpa are more effective than ever before! If you are considering Botox treatments for the holidays, here are several valuable facts worth knowing.

Botox and The Benefits of Paralysis

Botox is a neurotoxin, which sounds a little frightening until you realize how that actually helps you out. You see, Botox is derived from a botulinum toxin. There are actually several of these toxins in existence, but they are all a form of biological toxin that is responsible for paralysis. When properly refined (and this is why a quality medical supplier and professional technician are so important), Botox can indeed smooth away fine lines and wrinkles in the face. The secret is that paralysis.

Many wrinkles are caused by fine muscle movements and general tissue sagging. Botox, when injected correctly, paralyzes certain muscles in the face so they cannot move. This immobility can actually smooth out wrinkles and keep them from forming for an extended period of time. It is especially useful for treating frown lines between the eyes, crow's feet, brow furrows and wrinkles around the jaw. It is important that an experienced professional injects just the right amount of Botox in just the right places.

Weather Doesn't Make Much of a Difference

For many skin treatments, the surrounding environment, humidity, air conditions and more are all important for comfort and recovery. But Botox treatments don't have this particular problem. Because they are injections below skin tissue, they aren't affected by sunlight or most other environmental conditions. So don't worry about cold, dry winter air affecting your treatment — external conditions have very little impact in this case.

 Getting Botox is Quick and Easy

Botox Procedures are Quick and Easy

When people think of Botox injections, they sometimes worry about a lengthy, painful process a little too much like going to the dentist. The good news is that a medical spa professional can complete Botox procedures in just a few minutes, with very little discomfort. The effects of Botox can be seen almost immediately. Perhaps best of all, Botox recovery is a very simple process — you don't need to take time away from work or apply expensive skin treatments. As we mentioned before, you also don't need to avoid any type of weather.

Botox Can't Fix Every Problem

While Botox can be very effective, it cannot solve all skin issues. It can do very little about the color of skin spots or problems like acne scars, which require different treatments. It is also important to note that Botox is a temporary treatment. It will last several months and in some cases longer, but then the paralysis will fade and previous wrinkles will return. Many people who want to keep the effects arrange for a couple treatments a year.

Holiday Gifts and Deals are Available

If you are interested in giving Botox or general skin treatments as a gift, we encourage you to look at our special deals and holiday offerings at Tate MediSpa. Products like our GloMinerals holiday kits make for great gifts!