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4 Beauty Resolutions to Make This Year

4 Beauty Resolutions to Make This Year

A new year means new opportunities, new developments and new challenges. If your beauty routine has been on the back burner for awhile, it's time to refresh it. Here are some beauty resolutions to make in 2016.

Drink More Water

Our metabolism can't always keep up with the number of drink options out there, but organic teas, kale smoothies or fancy wines will never give you the same boost that a simple glass of water provides. The benefits of drinking water go on for as long as the new year: proper hydration boosts memory and concentration, makes skin appear glowing and firm, reduces hunger pangs and helps you enjoy your favorite workout. Put down the latest craze and pick up the oldest beverage around and watch how your skin improves. 

Go Makeup Free

The first thing that many women do in the morning is apply makeup. Between blush, bronzer, lipstick, and eyeshadow, your facial skin can be subjected to too much of a good thing if done too often. Give your face a day or two off each week by putting the makeup containers away and letting your natural beauty shine. This helps to clear pores and let skin breath properly, developing a renewal cycle for the skin cells. Consider a chemical peel in addition to makeup-free days to kick-start regeneration and look better in a matter of just days.

Give Your Face a Day or Two Off From Makeup

Clean Out Your Makeup

Just as old food containers need to be tossed from the refrigerator, your old makeup containers pose more of a hazard than a help to your daily beauty. Expired makeup may harm your skin cells and likely doesn't look particularly flattering. Bacteria can grow on makeup brushes that frequently come in contact with facial areas, especially moist parts like the eyes and lips. Keep your makeup brushes for about the same length of time that you keep a toothbrush, switching out every few months in order to stay healthy.  

Limit Heat Styling

A hair curler can be a girl's best friend, but too much of a good thing can damage your hair as well as your skin. No other practice does more to harm the health of your hair than too much heat applied by blow-drying and hot curls. Change up your hair care routine in order to get shining, beautiful hair instead of brittle follicles.

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