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These Fruits and Vegetables Give You Strong Hair and Beautiful Skin

These Fruits and Vegetables Give You Strong Hair and Beautiful Skin

Everyone knows that eating a diet packed with fruits and vegetables is good for your physical health. But as it turns out, eating healthy foods can also give you strong hair and healthy skin! So instead of heading to the cosmetic section on shopping trips, make a detour to the produce section for your beauty products. Here are five fruits and veggies that can help you fight the signs of aging.


Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, which has been shown to be beneficial for eye health, but it also helps protect your skin from toxins in the environment that cause acne. Lycopene is an antioxidant that also fights against the molecules that cause premature skin aging.

Collard Greens

All greens are excellent for your health, but collard greens have gone underappreciated for far too long. They have an extremely high content of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights harmful toxins. Environmental toxins, such as pollution, can deplete your skin of vitamin C, which in turn causes dry skin and wrinkles.


Among 40 different fruits and vegetables, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ranked blueberries as number one for having the most antioxidant activity. The antioxidants in blueberries can help increase the production of collagen and level your hormone balance, which in turn will prevent premature aging skin and give you strong, healthy hair.

The antioxidants in blueberries can help increase the production of collagen and level your hormone balance.


Avocados are loaded with vitamin C and vitamin E. The vitamin E in avocados works at the cellular level of your hair to protect the scalp and fight off free radicals, which strengthens each strand of your hair from the inside out, making it shinier and healthier on the outside.

Vitamin E is also important for the growth of the capillaries that encourage the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body. Good circulation helps to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and gives you a glowing complexion. The vitamin C in avocados help to produce collagen, which is essential for reducing sagging skin, preventing wrinkles and plumping up creases around your eyes and mouth.


The benefits of coconut can be obtained from the water and the coconut oil. Coconut water is not only a great form of natural hydration, but it is also an excellent source of potassium, which is an electrolyte essential for moving the nutrients into your cells. Coconut oil is high in vitamins E and K, minerals and healthy fats. It is one of the best resources for providing natural nutrients to your hair and skin.

When coconut oil is applied to your scalp, it provides natural moisturizers that can help boost hair growth. Whether coconut oil is used in cooking or as a mask for your hair and/or skin, it supplies your body with a range of healthy nutrients that can prevent premature aging, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduce or eliminate dark circles under your eyes.

It’s never too late to start eating a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. To get the full effect of a healthy diet for improving your hair and skin, it is also essential that you drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

For an additional boost to your beauty regiment to improve your hair and skin, there are a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments available to maximize the results of a healthy diet. Contact Tate MediSpa for more information to learn more information about the various anti-aging treatments we have available and be sure to visit our Facebook page for information about our special promotions.

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