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Get a Fresh Face in Time for Your Holiday Parties

Get a Fresh Face in Time for Your Holiday Parties

Tate MediSpa’s customized blend of treatment options has always catered to each client’s particular beauty goals and schedule. But with the holidays around the corner, we’re often asked about scheduling fillers and similar procedures prior to seasonal events. We’re eager to provide advice about the ideal time for injectables, such as Juvederm and Botox, for maximum impact and minimum worrying over the holidays.


Juvederm is celebrated for its ability to plump up collagen, which appears to erase deep lines and give volume to sagging cheeks. The effects of Juvederm last longer than Botox. If you’ve already had this type of injectable treatment in the last nine to 12 months, the effects may well carry you through the holidays.

But if you’re new to fillers and considering Juvederm, you still have plenty of time before the holidays to arrange a session. You’ll want to do it at least two weeks before the holidays so that the collagen-building properties have time to do their work.

If you’re new to fillers and considering Juvederm, you'll want to schedule your appointment at least two weeks before the holidays so that the collagen-building properties have time to do their work.


Because Botox is so well-known as a safe, fast option for ridding your forehead, mouth and eye areas of wrinkles, newcomers to this injectable may mistakenly schedule one for the same weekend as a big party.

In fact, the ideal timeframe when it comes to the holidays is at least two weeks before the holidays you’re most focused on -- whether that be Thanksgiving dinner, a mid-December event or a New Year’s bash. If it’s closer to the big day than that, the muscles that Botox helps relax may still appear to be immobilized, giving you an unwelcome “frozen” expression.

On the other hand, because Botox does not tend to retain its effects as long as Juvederm, it’s best not to schedule an injection more than three months before the holidays. Otherwise, you run the risk of either losing some of that youthful glow during the festive season.

Additional Considerations

Some people do experience short-term bruising after a treatment. This possibility is another reason not to push the timing of a Botox, Juvederm or another injectable too close to important events. Even though any bruising is typically faded after an average of about a week, keep in mind that for some people, the healing may take longer. In addition, it’s possible that even after you’ve healed, more than a week will pass before you begin seeing the ideal results of your injectable.

Of course, a consultation with Dr. Tate is the best way to decide which treatment is right for you, as well as the timing that will work best for your holiday plans. The Tate MediSpa team is here to answer any of your questions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and make sure you're checking our Facebook page for holiday specials in the coming months!