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Top Workout Trends to Expect in 2017

Top Workout Trends to Expect in 2017

How will you get or stay fit in 2017? What are the latest workout trends and weight loss methods? Is there any point to trying new trends? These questions are often asked as December winds down and people start to look forward to the year ahead and think of how they will achieve their goals.

The new year means a fresh start, and for many it's a time to set goals for physical fitness. Historically, this is the time when gyms sell the most memberships and stores sell the most exercise gear and equipment. Whether you are starting your fitness journey, or have been on it and are looking for ways to improve or switch things up, the following trends are worth exploring.

Fitness Trackers 

OK, fitness trackers aren't technically new, but they are going to see a major rise in usage over the next year. People are looking to create a lifestyle change, not just an exercise routine. They want to understand how they can incorporate movement and fitness into all areas of their lives. Activities like lunch time walks, hiking and even walking extra steps while out running errands is up for tracking and analysis. 

Not only that, but today's fitness trackers are more advanced than ever before, with an impressive list of features, including sleep quality and heart rate monitoring. You get ongoing data that helps you evaluate your performance and you can sync the data up with apps and can even compete with friends and family.

One-on-One Coaching

People are looking for serious results, and for many that can only happen with support and feedback. The fitness industry is exploding, and one area that is seeing an enormous amount of growth is personal training, coaching, wellness and health. Today, you can hire someone, either temporarily or long-term, to create a personalized plan for fitness, diet, supplementation etc. This approach to fitness and health is very results-driven and can help you save time and money in the long run while getting the best possible results.

Opt Outside   Stand up paddling, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities are becoming more popular for fit-minded individuals. People are seeing the benefits not only physically, but mentally, too.

Bodyweight Exercises 

More people will get on board with bodyweight training, especially those who have adopted a minimalistic lifestyle. Why? Because bodyweight exercise doesn't require a gym membership or equipment. You can do it anywhere, and there is no financial investment necessary. You won't fill your spare room or garage with machines or accessories. These are all benefits, but the biggest benefit is that you will have a toned, strong and fit body to show for it. 

People often overlook bodyweight training because it's so simple, thinking there's no way something like pushups, squats and planks will get them the results they want. But the truth is these exercises work, and they work well. 

Outdoor/Real-World Activities

While gyms will continue to be a popular destination for the active and fit, more and more people will choose to "opt outside." Stand up paddling, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities are becoming more popular, and people are seeing the benefits not only physically, but mentally, too.

Climbing Gyms

While this is contradictory to the above trend, 2017 is going to be a big year for indoor climbing gyms. In fact, some predict that it will be the new CrossFit. For those who are hesitant to try outdoor climbing on actual rocks, indoor climbing provides a more controlled environment. It's also an incredible workout and fun. Not only that, but there is a growing community around this activity and many climbing gyms also combine other forms of fitness such as Acro Yoga and cycling. What's not to love?

So that's the wrap up of what will be some growing trends to look for in 2017. What will you try? Do you have any resolutions for skin care this year? If you would like to learn more about how you can transform your skin in 2017, contact Tate MediSpa today!